niedziela, 15 września 2013

wtorek, 14 maja 2013

11.05.2013 Photoshoot

Model: Jason Jobling
Photography: Mateusz 'Nmofmak' Czekalski
Editing: Jason Jobling

Just one of few interesting shots taken during last saturday's photoshoot. A big shout out to Blue Squizz Photography 

środa, 30 stycznia 2013

piątek, 25 stycznia 2013

Angel - LSD

So I had that similar shoot few months back, and recently my befriended make up artist Dorota Nowacka told me she had a dream about me and her doing a similar shoot but with her as a model. I thought- why not? So the same evening we arranged everything and did the shoot- this is just on of few pics that we took and I'm going to reveal the results later this week.

poniedziałek, 14 stycznia 2013

Tribal shoot

Stylist and Maku-up Artist: Dorota Nowacka